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Interior Photographer Bulgaria | Фотограф на Интериори България
Food Photographer Bulgaria | Кулинарен Фотограф България
Portrait Photographer Bulgaria | Портретен Фотограф България


I am a food and portrait photographer in Shanghai. Most of my experience is in creating photographs of food and of people. I prefer working on location and take photos of real dishes as served and show the delicacy and individuality of each dish that make the viewer want to eat what is in the photos, rather than admire the beauty of a photo that is a work of Art of animation that depicts the dish as something that it never was and never will be.

For portraits, I like to do 3-4 hour sittings where I can get the opportunity to spend time with the sitter and catch a few memorable moments, sometimes they happen at the beginning of the photo shoot, other times at the end of the photo shoot. An authentic portrait cannot be rushed nor forced.

If you want to book a food photo shoot or a portrait photo shoot on location in Shanghai, please contact me directly at contact[@]

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