Hello, my name is Evelina. I love capturing moments of fleeting beauty. Telling stories as they unfold. Documenting. Every photo I have ever created has been a portrait, a portrait of a feeling.

I have been a professional photographer since 2009, and during that time I have photographed many many images for commercial and personal use. This website is dedicated to my work on personal assignments. I have to say that these are by far my favorite, as they allow for complete creative liberation and give me a chance to fully immerse myself into a fantasy world made of beautiful future memories.

My portfolio primarily contains portrait images. I like creating environments that bring out something special, something unknown, something unique. I would like to capture a part of you that may not be that apparent at first sight. Let's discuss ideas.

While my wedding photography experience is limited, the one I was entrusted with turned out quite well, I enjoyed the process, and the newly weds were very happy with the result. If you entrust me with photographing your wedding, my mission will be to capture as many natural precious moments as possible. You and your guests won't really notice me running around searching for these moments that maybe not many people notice during the wedding day. I won't be staging too many photos.

A permission to photograph another person for me has always been a license to look into their inner self. I never take that permission lightly, it is a serious job, but I also really like to have fun when making photos. Over the years I have seen time and again what I always knew, that the best results come when working with people you like and share a vision with.

If you decide to consider me for your wedding photographer my request is that we meet or at least video chat, to see if we feel comfortable enough together for me attend this very special day for you.

I am based in Shanghai and can travel for assignments.